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Screen Shot 2013-01-27 at 8.50.54 PMYou would think that having a real, actual photograph of your likeness would be a no-brainer on a professional networking site…however some people, fortunately the minority, don’t see the downside. If you don’t add a photograph (picture) of yourself in your LinkedIn profile you run the real risk of damaging your networking prospects and ultimately, your brand.


But don’t just take my word for it. Here is a Poll by Ben Gould from April, 2011. The overwhelming majority of respondents, 73% felt that having a profile picture was “Integral to building an online identity”.



The real problem with not having a picture at all is that people notice it straight away and then may rush to judgement. Having no picture at all essentially means that you are being defined by others. “Can’t be bothered to supply a pic” “What is he hiding?” “Not making the effort” are all potential take aways which may or may not be openly expressed. Or to put it another way, nothing positive is gained by being anonymous pictorially. You will not be admired for being an international man (or woman) of mystery. Being a cipher on a networking site makes no sense at all.


A perhaps greater folly is to ‘hide’ behind a logo (too promotional) a baby picture (too sentimental) or a cartoon (too avant-garde). People have always been most interested in seeing real faces, with real smiles. It makes for a world with less barriers, less confusion and at the end of the day, more deals.


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By Andy Foote