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Thought it would be interesting to see how much has changed on the ‘HOT’ LinkedIn hashtag follower front over 149 days. Who else do you know who tracks this stuff? Just me? U-huh.

This data is from my ‘Master Tracker’ list, a whopping 1,500 LinkedIn tracked hashtags with a threshold of 10,000+ followers. THE most comprehensive list of popular LinkedIn hashtags on the interwebs today. The Tracker was last updated on April 18th 2021 and has LinkedIn hashtag follower data points recorded on:


The Tracker has a ‘live’ url for each hashtag (click on the url and it brings you directly to the hashtag page), a huge timesaver for any LinkedIn hashtag research. You can purchase my Master Tracker for $24, keep reading for instructions on how to buy.

LinkedIn recently advised that users should use a MAXIMUM of 3 hashtags on posts (taken from ‘Creator Mode’ blurb).

LinkedIn has started to prompt users to use hashtags in their posts.

LinkedIn recently announced ‘Creator Mode’ which is rolling out to all LinkedIn users. A key feature of Creator Mode is the ability to choose 5 HASHTAGS listed on your profile page.

Do you STILL NEED PROOF that hashtags on LinkedIn are important?

You can purchase my Master Tracker now for a limited time only price of $24 (50% off the regular price) by clicking on the ‘Donate’ button (click on the yellow donate button, top right of my website, tell me which email address to send it to).

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p.s have you created your custom hashtag yet??

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