Measure Your LinkedIn ROI With Views Not Searches

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Many of my clients ask me “How much time should I invest in LinkedIn?”. Some ask about ROI (Return On Investment). What do they gain? How does it affect their bottom line? What are the outcomes? Great questions and frankly – something we should all be asking ourselves whenever we spend time on the LinkedIn platform. Time spent on LinkedIn could be time spent elsewhere, so let’s make it count, right? I have 2 LinkedIn Profiles, one is for people I know, the other is for people I’d like to know/better. Having 2 Accounts also allows me to experiment and test all kinds of cool LinkedIn stuff. I’ve been looking at SIDEBAR STATS (Views, Searches, Your Network etc.) on both Profiles recently. LinkedIn gives all users a line chart of their VIEWS and a weekly SEARCH stat. Paid users get 90 days of browser history. No one else can see this information except you. The answer to ROI is right there in those stats.


If you’re trying to determine ROI for LinkedIn, focus on VIEWS for the following reasons:

(1) You know for certain that someone has actually viewed your Profile.
(2) You can influence views efficiently by your own actions on LinkedIn.
(3) LinkedIn provides multiple opportunities to engage in activity which yields views.
(4) Views, just like clicks in SEO (Search Engine Optimization) terms, are valuable.


Why I don’t regard SEARCHES as important as VIEWS in determining ROI:

(1) You don’t know for certain that searches equate to views.
(2) Keyword-stuffed Profiles will always win in searches. Keyword-stuffing has downsides.
(3) There are too many factors beyond your control which influence searches.
(4) Searches are not clicks and are difficult to assess in terms of value.


39% of LinkedIn users have a paid account* and my guess is that the primary reason for paying for LinkedIn Premium is to know who is viewing your Profile. Non-paying users will be tempted to pay now that they are seeing their popularity mapped out in a chart plotting views (or browser traffic). I decided to experiment with getting my views boosted and ‘off the chart’. I used a combination of 5 techniques, they worked, beautifully.


My non-boosted Profile shows views zig-zagging between a range of 36 to 108 weekly.
My daily average of views for this account is 8.91 (802 ÷ 90).

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I’ve managed to boost views on my other Profile by 200% (250 to 750 Views).
Baseline for that account was around 250 views per/week prior to boosting.
Daily average views for the boosted account is currently 41.98 (3779 ÷ 90).

1 Screen Shot 2013-06-23 at 7.40.40 AM


The boosted account has 371% more daily views than the non-boosted account. What level of traffic would you want on your site? 9 views per day or 42? My guess is that most people who do the bare minimum in terms of activity on LinkedIn get between 3-10 views per day. I got an average of 77 daily views over three days last week. The boosted Profile will garner in the region of 12,000 more views over the course of a year than the non-boosted. Wow.

1 Screen Shot 2013-06-05 at 8.33.00 PM

1 Screen Shot 2013-06-20 at 5.36.53 AM



1 Screen Shot 2013-06-23 at 2.53.23 PM

1 Screen Shot 2013-06-23 at 2.54.27 PM
































In the interest of full disclosure both Profiles have been set up with the following attributes (which may or may not influence views and search):


– Both have ‘vanity’ urls.
– Both have a 100% complete Profile.
– Rich Media is abundant on both Profiles.
– I’ve chosen the maximum Skills (50) for both.
– Both Summaries tell my professional story in less than 250 words.
– I’ve got the same Premium Account for both (which costs $95.40 per/yr per account).
– Both have a photograph where I can be identified in all 3 of the LinkedIn sizes.


Where the 2 Profiles differ:

– I’ve joined 50 Groups in my boosted account. I’ve joined 42 in my non-boosted account.
– 2,349 1st Degree Connections on boosted. 426 1st Degree Connections on non-boosted.
– Followed 115 Companies/Organizations in my boosted account. 198 followed on non-boosted.
– Rich Media: 5 Blog articles on boosted. 10 articles on non-boosted.


I’m calling this view boosting strategy: “View Master”. 5 effective techniques, taking approximately 10 minutes a day to implement,  working together to cause a cumulative jump in views of a Profile. Put simply: it all clicked and so did they……If you want to know exactly how I achieved this 200% boost in daily LinkedIn Profile views, you’ll have to hire me! What value do you place on having thousands of professionals actually viewing your LinkedIn Profile this year?


If you liked this article, you’ll love my customized consulting service. I’ve helped many professionals to achieve their full potential on LinkedIn. LinkedIn is not somewhere you paste your resumé, sit back and wait for things to happen. It’s a complicated and nuanced website portal that requires action, consistency, insight, branding strategy and marketing know-how. What you don’t know – could hurt you.


Whether it’s getting more traffic on your Profile, engaging with a stunningly good Summary or refreshing your LinkedIn presence and brand – share your goals with me and I’ll help you to achieve all of them via LinkedIn.


Contact me now: / 773.469.6600 to find out how I can help you.


That’s all from me for this week. If you found this post useful, don’t keep it all to yourself. Go ahead and share this article with your own network (see those buttons on the sliding thing on the left?).
By Andy Foote

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20 Responses

  1. Andy, I am impressed that your boosted profile got 2 times as many views as searches!

    Very good.

    Can you share with us what you did with all of those views?

    How many were 1st already?

    • Andy Foote says:

      Thanks Michael, I think I found an effective method! What did I do with all those views? I converted as many as I could (to connections). How many of those 3,779 viewers were 1st Degree Connections? Approx. 5%

  2. Ahmad T. says:

    I’ve a Premium membership in LinkedIn; I note that the number of views shown in the Trend statistics in last 90 days is more than the number of who’s viewed my profile. In this case, what is the source of the number of views in the Trend statistics?



    • Andy Foote says:

      Ahmad – can you clarify? Which 2 sets of View figures are you comparing? You get the initial view figure on your homepage which usually gives you a 1 or 3 day average and then you get the actual graph of views when you click on that average.

      • Ahmad T. says:


        I’m comparing the figure of views in last 90 days, with the number of people shown in the list that displays visitors details. For example, the number of views last 90 days could be 1000, while the list of visitors shows ONLY the details of 50 visitors.


        • Andy Foote says:

          Thanks Ahmad. If you have a paid LinkedIn account you should be able to see all of the ‘details’ of your visitors going back 90 days. You just scroll down and the page will auto-extend. You will see either (i) Full Name (ii) Semi-Anonymous (i.e Someone in the Leadership Function at Acme. Co) or (iii) Anonymous in the details, depending on what people have opted to show when they browse Profiles on LinkedIn. If you have a free LinkedIn account, you will see a random short list of browser details. If you recently got your paid account, that could explain why you can only see details of 50 visitors. Final alternative explanation: it’s possible that you are experiencing a LinkedIn software bug.

  3. Disclaimer – Andy gave me the solution to evaluate. (I was contemplating paying his price, when he decided to give me the answer.)

    Having seen the answer, working with LI for 3 years, Andy’s advice is well worth what he is asking -if you follow his overall advice.

    If you are just into quick fixes, move on.

    But if you are interested in implementing an overall strategy, Andy’s tips are important.

    Some of the advice is common sense, but some of it is not.

    Overall, it gives you a nice list of things to do and organizes your efforts.

    Spend the money and get to work & I know I am going to implement these ideas.

  4. Ok, I have implemented some but not all of Andy’s suggestions.

    I have only a free account, but over 2500 connections – mostly in franchising or negotiation.

    From the end of June to date, my weekly average of views has risen from 30 to 175, and to 996 for the period.

    A far cry from Andy’s 3779! But decent.

    I attribute this rise to implementing Andy’s suggestions. I also have been more consistent in asking targeted individuals to connect with me, providing them a reason and an expectation.

    • Andy Foote says:

      Nice work Michael. You’re laying the foundation for future networking success. Targeting is key but of course we now have a wealth of information at our fingertips which makes targeting easier & broader. Thanks very much for this feedback.

  5. Carrie Gray says:

    Have you been able to utilize LinkedIn for scheduling mediations or has it been more for establishhing network contacts that can lead to scheduling more mediations.

    Just curious as mediation is something I am giving serious thought to should I be layed off from my current job.

  6. Is the paid report still available? Can you setup and automatic Paypal payment so we can download it instantly?

    • Andy Foote says:

      It is available. I have not set up an automatic PayPal but I’m pretty good at responding manually (usually within 10 minutes) Priya.

  7. Betsy says:

    Hi Andy,

    I am doing some research for one of my clients who needs a professional profile refresh. I have a stupid question re this article: what do you mean by “boosted” here?


    • Andy Foote says:

      Hi Betsy. No questions are ever stupid, they’re just questions. ‘Boosted’ in the context of the article means increased significantly from a base line measurement.

      Send that client my way if they want (a) comprehensive Profile analysis (b) LinkedIn-centric network strategy advice and (c) a customized Summary written for them.


      • I’ll bite what does a comprehensive profile analysis, centric network strategy advice and customized Summary cost?
        Also through Linkedin is it possible to identify those users that are in specific zip codes?

  8. Doug Ales says:

    Andy, does your technique require constant effort or can you make these changes then get lasting results?

    I’m maxed, and must look at billable hours.

    • Andy Foote says:

      Thanks Doug. My ‘View Master’ technique does require consistent effort to drive traffic (Views) and I don’t know of any other technique (short of paying someone to do this for you) which doesn’t require the Profile user to take action.

      I would say that the time necessary to implement ‘View Master’ is not onerous; you’d be spending a maximum of 10-40 minutes per/day by my calculations.

  9. Thanks for finally talking about > Measure Your LinkedIn ROI With Views Not Searches | linkedinsights < Liked it!

  10. Chris Howell says:

    I guess I’m doing pretty well. I got 202 profile views today already and it’s still 4 PM.

    Last week was 1239 views. If you want some advice, give me a shout out. Like my Facebook page and I’ll give you tips:

    Or you can come to and G+1 me and send me a message.

    Yes, I got 1239 views last week. Pretty good, eh? But you have to work. It is not a quick one-shot deal.

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