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Dear reader, here is the latest (ready for 2019) updated version of this popular post. I’ve added essential image sizes in the 2019 version too, it has everything you will need to ensure that updating your LinkedIn profile is quick & hassle free 🙂

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When you type text anywhere on LinkedIn, you’ll hit a limit and LinkedIn will let you know how many characters you exceeded the limit by.

Clearly, knowing in advance exactly how many characters you can squeeze into any text field on LinkedIn is going to save you a lot of time and frustration. So I’ve been putting together a list of maximum character counts and limits since 2015. This is the latest ‘edition’ of my list. My aim is to continue to provide the most comprehensive list available anywhere on the interwebs, so if I’ve overlooked any count or limit – please let me know in comments/via email. Also, as we all know, LinkedIn changes on a daily basis, so to maintain the accuracy of this list, please tell me if you’ve spotted any change on the character count/limit here and I will verify and update the list, thank you!

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  1. NAME: First Name: 20 characters, Last Name: 40 characters.
  2. HEADLINE: 120 character limit.
  3. SUMMARY: 2,000 character limit.
  4. RECOMMENDATION: 3,000 character limit.
  5. PUBLISHER Post Headline: 100 maximum characters.
  6. PUBLISHER Post Body: 40,000 characters.
  7. WEBSITE Anchor Text: 30 maximum characters.
  8. WEBSITE URL: 256 maximum characters.
  9. VANITY URL: 5-30 characters after ‘’ (a)
  10. POSITION Title: 100 maximum characters.
  11. POSITION Description: 200 character minimum (2000 maximum characters).
  12. INTERESTS: 1,000 character limit.
  13. ADDITIONAL INFO / Advice For Contacting: 2,000 character limit.
  14. PHONE number: 25 character limit. (b)
  15. IM (Instant message): 25 character limit. (b)
  16. ADDRESS: 1,000 character limit. (b)
  17. SKILLS: 80 characters per Skill.
  18. COMPANY Name (Overview tab): 100 maximum characters.
  19. COMPANY About Us (Overview tab): 200 min / 2,000 max.
  20. COMPANY Update (Updates tab): 1,300 characters.
  21. CAREER Pages (Life tab): Company Leaders headline: 150 character limit.
  22. CAREER Pages (Life tab): Company Leaders description 150 character limit.
  23. CAREER Pages (Life tab): Employee Testimonials 400 character limit.
  24. CAREER Pages (Life tab): Custom Module title 150 character limit.
  25. CAREER Pages (Life tab): Custom Module body 500 character limit.
  26. CAREER Pages (Life tab): Custom Module URL label 70 character limit.
  27. SHOWCASE Page Name: 100 maximum characters.
  28. SHOWCASE Page Description: 75 min / 200 max.
  29. UPDATE: 1,300 maximum characters. (c)
  30. MESSAGE (InMail): 200 characters (Subject) / 1,900 character limit (Body).
  31. GROUP Discussion Title: 200 maximum characters.
  32. GROUP Discussion Body (Conversation): 2,000 character limit.
  33. GROUP Discussion Comments: 1,000 character limit.
  34. LinkedIn TEXT AD Headline: 25 character limit.
  35. LinkedIn TEXT AD Message Body: 75 character limit.
  36. LinkedIn Direct SPONSORED Content: 160 character limit.
  37. Profile ‘PUBLICATION’ Title: 255 character limit.
  38. Profile ‘PUBLICATION’ Description: 2,000 character limit.
  39. COMMENTS (on an article or a share/post): 1,750 character limit.
  40. PUBLISHER, photo/image credit: 250 character limit.
  41. INVITATION to CONNECT Message Body: 299 character limit.

(a) Your custom URL can have 5-30 letters or numbers. The only special character you can use is a dash “-“
(b) [14,15,16] Only your 1st degree connections, can see this information.
(c) [Status Update] Though text limit is 1,300 maximum for updates, note that if you select to also post on Twitter from LinkedIn, only the first 140 characters will show on your Twitter post. Twitter is currently rolling out a new 280 character limit, so in theory, you’ll be able to use this extra space when you post from LinkedIn.

A really useful tool which will count your characters for you: lettercount

Unfortunately, the current LinkedIn profile only shows the first 3 lines of your summary which equates to approx. 300 characters/50 words, before a reader has to click the 3 little dots to see the full version. My advice: don’t bore them and get to the point, pique their curiosity asap.

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