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I’ve found that knowing in advance exactly how many characters you can squeeze into any text field on LinkedIn saves me a lot of time and frustration.

So I’ve been putting together a list of maximum character counts and limits on my blog since 2015. This is the 5th ‘edition’ of my list and I’ve included the latest cut-offs and image sizes too. My aim is to continue to provide the most comprehensive and up to date guidance available anywhere on the internet, so if I’ve overlooked any count, or a limit/size has changed – please let me know in comments/via email. Thanks!

I’ve recently UPDATED the list! You can find my 2021 guide here: LinkedIn Character Count & Image Size Guide (2021)

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Your LinkedIn Profile:

Banner/Hero image:1584 x 396 pixels (4:1 proportion)
Profile photo: any size between 400 x 400 & 20,000 x 20,000 pixels will work
Name: first name: 20 characters, last name: 40 characters
Headline: 220 character limit (increased from 120 in April 2020)
Summary / About: 2,600 character limit (used to be 2,000)
Summary / About: cut-off desktop: 270-320 characters (before clicking ‘See more’)
Summary / About: cut-off mobile: 20-25 characters
Position title: 100 character limit
Position description: 200 character minimum (2000 max)
Rich media: 6 per experience entry, 4 visible
Recommendations: 3,000 character limit
Recommendations visible: 2 (ordered by date)
Skills: 50 max
Endorsements: 99 (count) visible, unlimited
Top skills (most visible): 3

Your Contact Info:

Website Anchor text: 30 maximum characters
Website URL: 256 maximum characters
Vanity (custom) URL: 5-30 characters (after ‘’)
Phone number: 25 character limit
IM (Instant message): 25 character limit
Address: 1,000 character limit

Your LinkedIn Status Updates (Posts):

Post cut-off: 210 characters or less (before clicking ‘See more’)
Post body: 1,300 characters

LinkedIn Publisher (Articles)

Article headline: 100 characters
Photo credit: 250 characters
Article body: 40,000 characters
Publisher cover image: 698 x 400 pixels
Publisher post link: 1200 x 628 pixels

Your LinkedIn Groups:

Membership: 100 groups max
Discussion title: 200 characters
Discussion body text: 2000 characters
Comments: 1000 characters (per comment)
Pending new group invitations: 10

LinkedIn Company Page

Company name: 100 characters
Page description (About Us): 200 minimum, 1500 max
Status update (Update Tab): 700 characters (250 characters with link)
Cover image: 1536 x 768 pixels

LinkedIn Advertising

LinkedIn text ad headline: 25 character limit
LinkedIn text Ad message body: 75 character limit
LinkedIn direct sponsored content: 160 character limit


Following: you can follow an unlimited number of members
InMail: 200 characters (title/subject), 1,900 (body text)
Comments (post/articles) 1,750 character max
LinkedIn ‘1st Degree’ Network: 30,000
Invitations to connect message: 300 characters
Invitations to connect: 3000 – 5,000 (approx.)
Member blocking: 1,000 blocks

A really useful tool which will count your characters for you: lettercount

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