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I will get to the “How” in just a moment with a step by step tutorial. But before I show you how, here are the most common scenarios which will usually prompt you or give you a good reason for disconnecting with some of your Connections on LinkedIn:


(1) You asked a Connection for help and they fell short. It happens but frankly, you could do better, there are other people to connect with who could actually come through for you when it matters most. Networking Jenga, don’t build on weak support.

(2) You went a little crazy when you first got on LinkedIn and now you’re saddled with all these Connections who you don’t really know and they really don’t know you. Your online network needs to be vibrant and healthy, just like a muscle. Let’s get rid of the flab.

(3) Someone connected to you has spammed your mailbox. You are the best judge of what constitutes ‘spam’ – if it is non-relevant and you feel you are being constantly marketed to by the same person, can the spam!

(4) Spring cleaning. Every year, scan and review your entire Connection list, ask yourself who deserves a spot on your team and who should be cut.

(5) The 500 threshold. Try to keep below 500 Connections. Above 500 can signify to others that you are potentially a LION (LinkedIn Open Networker) and this could result in unwelcome connection requests from other LIONs or rejection by those who follow the 500 threshold rule.


Here are step by step instructions to disconnect from Connections on LinkedIn:

(i) Go to ‘Contacts’ and click on ‘Connections’.





(ii) In the top right of your screen you will see ‘Remove Connections’, click on this.



(iii) Then select the people (listed alphabetically) whom you’d like to Disconnect from (you can choose multiple people, as many as you would like).
























(iv) Go ahead and click ‘Remove Connections’ and ‘Yes, remove them’ in the pop up box, voila! They are no longer Connections of yours on LinkedIn.


They will not get a message or have any indication that you just Disconnected, they will at some stage see that you are no longer a ‘First Degree’ connection, depending on how observant they are. It’s painless and quick, better for everyone in the long run, right?


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By Andy Foote