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  1. Paul Shapiro says:

    Awesome write-up Andy! I love that you read through my comments.

    First of all, I would love to suggest that everyone check out the bonus content in the post as well. There’s some awesome addition in there not covered in the main post.

    The word count thing has way more to do with what people do with the content after they read it. Do they like it, share on their social media accounts, share on LinkedIn, etc. rather than clicking. My wording could have been better 🙂

    As far as the social shares, I’m not sure if I was clear enough, but when I say “Likes” help you get more LinkedIn Shares and views, I’m referring to the LinkedIn metric and not Facebook likes. Twitter (and closely followed by Facebook) are connected to post success on LinkedIn, but not as much as a LinkedIn like.

    The removal of share counts seems like an obvious ploy for LinkedIn to focus users on their own metrics. That being said, you can EASILY get these number from a service like,, or these networks’ respective APIs.

    Also, in reference to the Orbit word count piece, I know you didn’t mean to get into this, but do you think people are interested in the SEO aspect? I have tons of data on backlinks in relation to these metrics. I was planning to do a piece on my blog about it. Skimming through the data, I would preliminary say that LinkedIn doesn’t do great in organic search thus-far. People seem much less likely to link out to a piece on Pulse than traditional blog content.

    Keep being awesome, Paul.

    • Andy Foote says:

      Not as awesome as your study Paul 😉 I hope we see more and more of this kind of analysis, it’s incredibly helpful for authors on LinkedIn and elsewhere on the web. I think a defining characteristic of great content is the volume and quality of comments. Your analysis got (and continues to get) a tremendous reaction and the best comments just make the content better. You’ve also done a great job in responding to comments.

      Though LinkedIn have removed share counts in the latest Publisher view, it is still possible to see them if you log out of LinkedIn and search for the post on Google.

      I can’t speak for others in regard to interest in SEO, a lot of my clients do focus on being found via LinkedIn/Google, so I guess the answer is yes? I’m certainly interested in the LinkedIn Pulse algo but I presume that this is ‘trumped’ at the editorial level. It seems that LinkedIn does benefit significantly by all that Google traffic pumping up views on Pulse articles, but this is your area of expertise.

  2. David Graham says:

    Good advice Andy and thank you for mentioning my article!

  3. Ira Chandler says:

    Great article. Valuable stuff. Thanks.

  4. Don Young says:

    I have always wanted to write and finally I am going to try it on Linkedin. Thanks for the info Andy.

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