LinkedIn was never just about jobs. It’s about risk, fear of missing out and the opportunity cost of getting it wrong, in front of thousands of peers and fellow professionals.

I specialize in ‘LinkedIn tradecraft’​. I’m borrowing a term from the intelligence community to describe a sophisticated, clever and time-tested approach to using the LinkedIn platform. I strongly believe that you can only benefit from and leverage LinkedIn if you follow certain rules and execute specific, smart strategies. It’s no coincidence that people who declare LinkedIn to be a “waste of time”​ have no idea how to use it. LinkedIn has become indispensable to professionals who understand the importance of promoting and controlling their ‘work brand’​ on the largest business network in the world.

In February 2013 I wrote an article “3 Stunningly Good LinkedIn Profile SUMMARIES”​. Google “LinkedIn Summary”​ and you’ll find my article on the first page (thanks Google). 45,000+ people read my blog every month. I created and run 10 LinkedIn Groups with 39,000+ members.

– Ranked #1 most viewed out of 99 LinkedIn Experts/Coaches/Trainers on LinkedIn
– Ranked #1 most viewed writer on Quora for LinkedIn Product, Profiles & Groups
– My 12 LinkedIn Publisher Posts have been viewed by almost 60,000 people

Want to work with me? LINKEDIN PRESENCE & STRATEGY COACHING – I currently offer 3 options:

(1) Profile Review & Makeover $475
I’ll improve your entire LinkedIn profile by analyzing and providing recommendations for each section. I’ll also draft a custom summary and 2 potential headlines. You’ll also receive my top 5 Advanced LinkedIn Networking Strategies.

(2) Makeover & Coaching $795
You’ll receive a profile makeover and a coaching session with me via telephone, addressing any LinkedIn related areas. We’ll focus on your objectives and how to properly leverage the LinkedIn platform.

(3) The Time-Saver $1260
Many people simply don’t have the necessary time to spend on perfecting their LinkedIn profile. They just want everything to be taken care of. Unlike options (1)-(2) which are advisory in nature, option (3) is suitable for clients who not only want advice but need it to be implemented. I provide advice and then make the agreed makeover changes to your LinkedIn profile by temporarily logging into your account and taking care of everything for you. This option comes with lifetime support (if you have any questions about using LinkedIn, contact me and I will answer them quickly).

I’ll send information on my process and next steps, when you tell me which of these options you’re interested in.

Contact me now: / 773.469.6600 to get started.