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I’ve been a teacher, recruiter, lawyer and work-from-home father. I currently teach people and organizations how to leverage LinkedIn for professional success. A few personal traits: endless curiosity, a desire to share, attention to detail and well-honed people and networking skills.

LinkedIn was never just about jobs. It’s about risk, fear of missing out and the opportunity cost of getting it wrong, in front of thousands of fellow professionals.

I specialize in ‘LinkedIn tradecraft’​. I’m borrowing a term from the intelligence community to describe a sophisticated, clever and time-tested approach to using the LinkedIn platform. I strongly believe that you can only benefit from and leverage LinkedIn if you follow certain rules and execute specific, smart strategies. It’s no coincidence that people who declare LinkedIn to be a “waste of time”​ have no idea how to use it. LinkedIn has become indispensable to professionals who understand the importance of promoting and controlling their ‘work brand’​ on the largest business network in the world.

In February 2013 I wrote an article “3 Stunningly Good LinkedIn Summaries”​. Google “LinkedIn Summary Examples”​ and you’ll find my article on the first page (thanks Google!).

– Ranked #1 most viewed out of 99 LinkedIn Experts/Coaches on LinkedIn
– Ranked #1 most viewed on Quora for answering questions on ‘LinkedIn (Product)’​
– My 8 LinkedIn Publisher Posts have been viewed by almost 29,000 people
– My blog is read by over 45,000 people every month
– I run 6 LinkedIn Groups with 36,000+ members.

I’m thrilled, to say the least and look forward to achieving many more milestones in the years to come.

Whether it’s impressing your Profile browsers, engaging with a stunningly good Summary or refreshing your LinkedIn presence and brand – share your goals with me and I’ll help you to achieve all of them via LinkedIn.

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