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(1) Add Bold, Italic, Bold Italic, Underline, Monospace fonts (and others) ANYWHERE on your LinkedIn profile.
Open up a brand new world of text creativity by using Just type in the box then copy and paste to anywhere in a LinkedIn text field. 86 different fonts to choose from, but remember – just because you can, doesn’t mean that you should. You want folks to react with “How did he do that?” not “Why did he do that?”. Be sure to check how your profile is rendered on different devices when using these fonts, if it looks great on LinkedIn but shite on Android, you can then make an informed decision on when/whether to use them. I like to use this tool to make my content easier to read on LinkedIn posts, here’s an example of my use of bold:

(2) Tag (mention) ANYONE in a post or comment without being connected with them.
The inability to tag LinkedIn users who weren’t 1st degree connections used to be a big frustration of mine. Thankfully, I found a solution. I discovered that the LinkedIn search robot will diligently look for the user – if you give it a little more information. So for my example, I’m going to use Elizabeth Ward as a ‘test’. Elizabeth and I are not connected, as you can see she’s a 2nd Degree ‘connection’. Note her brand is called Virtuoso Legal.

So, let’s say I want to tag Elizabeth, I type in her name and….she doesn’t appear in the suggested list even though LinkedIn search has served up some other 2nd Degree users.

After you’ve typed the name, start to type something that is obvious about the person’s brand/profile (a key identifier, like Employer). So I started to type ‘Vi’ as in ‘Virtuoso Legal‘ and the LinkedIn auto complete is very fast, it presented her immediately in the tag search.

I tested it again with another Elizabeth Ward who’s at Briesen & Roper. She’s a 3rd Degree and also didn’t come up in my initial search on Elizabeth Ward. So I typed her name added ‘Br’ and found her straight away! Pretty cool right?

(3) Change your CONNECT button to FOLLOW.
LinkedIn recently allowed users to switch from this:

To this:

And why is this a good thing? Well, for one it makes it a tad more difficult for people to connect with you, they can still connect but they’re gonna have to look for the connect option (in the More… menu).

Putting this tiny hurdle in place may improve the caliber of your connectors. Secondly you don’t have to do a single thing when people follow you; you don’t have to accept/ignore, it’s perfect for busy people who are not on LinkedIn all day. Thirdly, your network count will still increase when people follow because LinkedIn insists on co-mingling connections and followers. Fourthly, think of followers as potential connections, think of having a Follow button as a sign that indicates that you’re kinda fussy/particular about how you build your network. LinkedIn previously only allowed Influencers to have the Follow button, now doesn’t that make you feel a wee bit special?

Here’s how to change your button to ‘Follow’: go to the LinkedIn mobile app, click on ‘Settings’ (small cog/gear icon top right), click on ‘Privacy’ tab, scroll down to ‘Who can follow you’ and select the ‘Make follow primary’ option.

You can also change to a Follow button on LinkedIn desktop (Settings > Privacy > Blocking and hiding). Thanks for pointing this out Atena Juszko!

(4) Change the CTA (call to action) on your HIGHLIGHTS section.
A mobile-only hack, which is a pretty interesting decision on LinkedIn’s part, given how important this section is. Oh – and you can’t see this section but your browsers can!

This is what your Highlights section looks like. The stuff on the left is auto-generated, you can’t edit it. My connection Alexander Low messaged me and asked if he could change the call to action on the right. This is what his looked like:

This is what mine looks like:

To change your Highlights, hop on to the mobile app, click on ‘View Profile’, scroll all the way down to ‘Reach out to [Your name] for and then click on the blue pencil icon. You’ll see 9 options in the next screen (you can choose a max of 3 interests). Click save and you’re done!

(5) Get an EXTENDED HEADLINE on your LinkedIn profile.
Second and final mobile-only hack. You are limited to 120 characters for your headline on the desktop. But for some strange reason you can enter an extra long headline of up to 200 (or so) characters if you edit it on the mobile version of LinkedIn. How crazy is that? Here’s an example of an extra long headline:

Janet’s headline comes in at 162 characters, she was able to grab 42 extra characters because she edited her headline on mobile. Now, I’m not suggesting everyone does this because that headline gets cut off in some LinkedIn pages (probably why LinkedIn set it at 120) but if you’re dying to get some extra space for your calling card on LinkedIn, mobile is how it’s done.

(6) Add an INCOGNITO toggle to your Chrome web browser and surf LinkedIn in private mode in seconds!
Trever Faden has built a Chrome web browser extension that puts an on/off toggle for anony (private) browsing directly on to your LinkedIn profile. I’ve been trying it out, works great. Wondering how he did it but more importantly, why LinkedIn doesn’t offer this?

What’s really cool apart from not having to deal with the chore of changing Settings (8 clicks) every time you switch to and from private mode, is that using this toggle doesn’t mess with your browsing history – you’ll still see all of your profile browsers. That’s huge.

1. Go to
2. Add Chrome extension
3. Close Chrome, restart Chrome
4. You’ll see the toggle top right of your page. Pretty neat, huh?

This is what it looks like:

(7) Stand out from the crowd when you are GROUP TAGGED.
A lot of people ask me about the dots in my name and like most things I do on LinkedIn, there’s usually method to the apparent madness. So instead of explaining the rationale for those flanking dots, I’ll just share a few screenshots to demonstrate my big picture thinking:

….Plenty of elbow room….

(8) ANIMATE your LinkedIn Company Page logo by making it a GIF.
As a rule LinkedIn doesn’t let you animate much of anything on your LinkedIn profile – except your Company Page logo. Really simple to do, either (a) do it yourself by using one of the many gif making sites ( is a good one) or (b) make your logo into a GIF by using a cool (and free) tool like GIMP ( or (c) hire a designer to make a nice GIF logo for you. Once you have a GIF of your logo that works in that tiny (300×300) space, go to the overview of your Co Page and click on ‘Admin View’, ‘Update Page’ and load your new logo. Here’s what mine looks like:


A good way to catch an extra millisecond of attention and sends the message that you are ‘cutting edge’ and using the platform to the fullest extent. [update: this hack is currently not available, but it still works for the people who jumped on it and made the change. The animated logo doesn’t animate on IOS but apparently does animate on Android devices, for now…].

nb. Leverage these hacks while you can, because the only constant on LinkedIn is change and loopholes can slam shut suddenly…

I’ve written a comprehensive guide which will help you to understand how content is treated on LinkedIn. Publishing on LinkedIn without adequately knowing how the algorithm works, is like sitting in a Volkswagen Beetle on a starting grid flanked by Porsches. The objective of this article is to put you in a Porsche, maybe even a Tesla. Start your engines.

The LinkedIn Algorithm Explained In 25 Frequently Asked Questions

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