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Wow. A best LinkedIn photograph post Andy? How can you be so superficial and judgy?

I’m an everyman, first impressions count on LinkedIn, you know this to be true. People only see 3 elements (photo, name and headline) before they even think about clicking on your profile, you’d better make sure then that each of those elements is doing something positive for you.

I was browsing LinkedIn this morning, searching keywords (‘marketing’, people) and hopping from one profile to another via PAV (People also viewed) doing some research for a potential article, when I happened to notice a headshot which looked absolutely perfect. I was struck by how stunningly good the photograph was.

It was head and shoulders above anything else I’d seen, so I changed my search focus and began hunting for other great examples of LinkedIn headshots. I found these 5 stunningly good professional photographs and will let you appraise them before I tell you why I think they’re all in a different league.


Can you guess which headshot got my attention, got me looking for other great examples? It was Perry’s, I felt that his photo had a painting quality and I loved the colors and the lighting. I’d guess that Brett’s was taken by the same photographer, they are so similar in style. Laura works at Brett’s firm but she’s opted for a fade to shadow vignette effect and the lighting seems to be coming from only one side, looks like she’s also used LinkedIn’s built-in photo filters. I appreciate how Jeremy’s photo is lit to perfection but also that he carefully color co-ordinates everything (jacket, photo and profile banner). I liked Brian’s because of the bokeh effect, which most phones can do (it’s called ‘portrait’ mode on my iPhone). Brian and Perry are ‘squinching’, yeah, that’s a thing. Google it.

All are high/good quality photos but they also seem to capture the subject’s character/personality and project a certain je ne sais quoi…vibe? Relaxed, confident, ready. Just being themselves, I guess. Authenticity – isn’t that what we’re all looking and striving for these days?

A picture may be worth a thousand words. Your headshot is worth thousands of marketing Dollars on LinkedIn; it can attract attention and cause clicks, definitely worth finding that special photographic artist who can paint a digital masterpiece of you.

So, how does your headshot compare? Are you proud of it? Or is it just OK?

Are there any other stunningly good headshot contenders out there?

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