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  1. Petra Fisher says:

    Andrew have you got the new homepage? I cannot for the live of me find the manage option in endorsements anymore. This is a shame, not just because of this brilliant ‘hack’. I used to remove endorsements if I believe a person has no idea if I’ve got a certain skill. But now I can not find manage. And when I click on the more arrow I just get a list of people who endorsed me, without the option to hide their endorsement.

    • Andy Foote says:

      Thanks Petra. I have not got the new Home Page, so can’t comment. I would be surprised if LinkedIn took away key Skills/Endorsement functionality, that doesn’t seem to make any sense, to me.

    • Petra – I got the new homepage yesterday. Try going to your profile and at the bottom of your endorsements, click “add endorsement”. The next screen that comes up will allow you the option of also managing your endorsements.:
      The manage option is buried, but it’s there.

  2. Petra Fisher says:

    Interesting way to find out how many connections. My ‘trick’ is to search for the person. Say I search for ‘Andrew’ in the list of search results I click on the green 500+ bottom right to your name and presto I get 4,232 results! Not only do I know how many connections you’ve got, I have them in front of me with all the nice search filters available.

    • Andy Foote says:

      I’ve never ever seen 500+ in green, only blue. Are you talking about seeing my network total because we’re connected? The hack is for people who want to see the total network number of non-connections.

  3. Kane Jamison says:

    Hey Andy,

    Just wanted to say thanks for sharing ShareMetric and glad you like it! It’s good to note that ShareMetric will pull metrics on the *exact* URL you’re looking at, so if there are messy parameters (eg ?utm_source=linkedin, etc) some of the social networks will report zero shares (primarily Facebook). We’re going to change that in a future update but wanted to mention it for now.

    • Andy Foote says:

      Hey Kane!

      My pleasure. ShareMetric is an incredibly useful and easy tool and you deserve plaudits for developing it and providing it for free. As a content creator who wants to understand content distribution and reception, I’m very grateful.


  4. James says:

    Please also note that Friendcheck only works for Twitter and Instagram now. Facebook & LinkedIn changed their public API and no longer allow apps to get Friends/Connections info. Real pity.

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