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THAT’S exciting – you finally got Publishing rights on LinkedIn!

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But guess what? So did thousands of others…you may have noticed the surge in new Post activity in Notifications:

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It starts to dawn on you that the only way you can get eyeballs (beyond your initial network of 1st Degree Connections) is by being “tagged” by LinkedIn in one or more of their 50 “Channels”:


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There are 3 ways to get tagged:

(1) By The Algorithm
(2) By Editorial Pick
(3) By Working For LinkedIn


(1) By The Algorithm

Here’s the official explanation:

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Translation: It’s not about you, it’s about the content. We try to match what you write with folks who may be interested. The algorithm is in constant beta. We may not use it at all when deciding what to tag. Just because your post doesn’t get tagged, don’t be sad, be happy and connect with more potential readers. Tagging is not a short-cut to gigantic readership, just do your best and hope for some crowd-luv.


(2) By Editorial Pick

You could join the “Writing On LinkedIn” Group and message Amy Chen, Editor at LinkedIn and Group Owner (or try to find other Editorial staff via LinkedIn or Google). Or you could send your article to: and hope for the best.


(3) By Working For LinkedIn

A cursory look at some senior LinkedIn staffers suggests that their posts get tagged. This should come as no surprise. Interesting to note that the pre-floodgates big viewership numbers all drop in early 2014 as more content is published and the competition for eyeballs becomes much tougher. 

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So now you know.


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By Andy Foote