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MAD Scientist

Here is the deal: you are boring… default. Yep, LinkedIn forces you to think conventionally by automatically inserting your (boringly functional and unremarkable) job Title in your prominent and most widely seen Headline space. This is a problem if you think about yourself in branding terms. If you are the brand, your Headline is your brand’s slogan. Now ask yourself are you proud of your slogan? Is it what you’re all about? Does it actually achieve anything? If the answer to those questions is no – there is something you can and should do about it. Come up with something unique, something so stunningly original that makes people think, smile or better still, act. Here are 3 of the best ‘stunningly original’ LinkedIn Headlines I’ve seen in a long while.


Screen Shot 2014-04-24 at 2.30.10 PM


What you’ve actually done by making the Headline your own, is fourfold: (1) you’ve taken control of your brand (2) you’ve put yourself in the audience’s shoes (3) you’ve stuck your head above the corporate parapet (the vast majority of LinkedIn users will remain boring) and (4) you’ve sold yourself and not just your job. Many LinkedIn head honchos are using slogans rather than functions, that ought to tell you something. The only information people see when browsing a long list of other LinkedIn users is your (tiny) photograph and your Headline. You should be doing everything possible to make them click on your full Profile.

Be Brief
Just because you have 120 juicy character spaces to devour in your Headline, don’t be a glutton. The shorter, the better. Copywriters know this; they have perfected the art of using the right words in a short, powerful sequence. How economical and persuasive can you be?

Life Changing
Make your Headline work for you. Think of your Headline as something that gets you noticed and opens doors, as a value statement, as the future, not the present. It’s your opportunity to stand out from the crowd. Own it. Words are powerful, they change lives. Bryan, Mike and Cindy already know this. Having a stunningly original Headline is important but there are 27 other sections on your Profile that you need to understand and decide whether/how to use effectively. LinkedIn wants you to share as much professional data as possible, how and what you share is going to make a big difference in how you are perceived and judged.

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By Andy Foote

p.s I find it interesting that all of my stunners opted for an unusual black background picture (most LinkedIn pics are white/light colored). Some of you eagle-eyed readers may be wondering why “shit” is highlighted yellow in Cindy’s Headline. This is because I actually searched on that word, don’t ask why – let’s just say that I go to great lengths on this blog to bring you truly original content!