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As a new LinkedIn Publisher, I still have much to learn. I’ve been taking a close look at LinkedIn Channels recently and I think I may have found a better way to present them. What do you think? The information in this post is freely available on LinkedIn but requires (a lot of) clicks. I also wanted to rank the Channels by number of Followers. Knowing which Channels are popular is in and of itself interesting, but obviously has ramifications for anyone who is seeking the widest possible distribution (circulation) and readership for their content on the LinkedIn platform. Actually getting featured on a Channel is another story, literally. LinkedIn Channels change all the time and I cover some of the changes that I have observed at the end of this post.


Here’s the current list of LinkedIn Publisher Channels (as of August 27th 2014):












The Million Followers Club
1. Leadership & Management – 7,020,727
2. Big Ideas & Innovation – 6,213,946
3. Technology – 4,487,942
4. Entrepreneurship & Small Business – 4,454,381
5. Marketing & Advertising – 3,771,841
6. Professional Women – 3,715,195
7. Social Media – 2,945,939
8. Economy – 2,842,457
9. Best Advice – 2,033,471
10. Education – 1,828,815
11. Healthcare – 1,549,902
12. Recruiting & Hiring – 1,391,526
13. Customer Experience – 1,357,992
14. Green Business – 1,332,331
15. Banking & Finance – 1,242,498
16. Your Career – 1,108,930


58 Channels

There are currently 58 Channels but you’ll only see 57 presented in this grey grid below because they are described as “Other Channels” and LinkedIn does not include the one you are already looking at in the grid (the grid is usually displayed to the right of the Channel you are viewing).

58 Channels

Changing Channels

I first looked at Channels back in May 2014 in my post “3 Ways To Get Your Post ‘Tagged’ On A LinkedIn Channel“. Here is the screenshot I took back then:


51 Channels



There were 51 Channels in May. Some observations:

If I Were 22” – “Career Curveballs” and ”Re/code’s Code Conference‘ have apparently disappeared from the grid.


Careers: Getting Started” – “Careers: The Next Level” – “Cloud Computing” – “Company Culture” – “International Trade & Development” – “Law Practice” – “Space” – “Travel & Leisure” – “What Inspires Me” and “Your Career” all appear to have been introduced since May. This explains some of the lower Follower stats for some of these new Channels. Why the guesswork? Because LinkedIn tends to make changes like these on the fly, without fanfare. Makes it quite interesting for those of us trying to teach LinkedIn as a subject….


Total Followers

I calculated a total 56,064,329 Followers for all 58 Channels on August 27th 2014. Obviously many of those Followers will have been counted multiple times, since it is possible and indeed, likely that these Followers have subscribed to multiple LinkedIn Channels. The other point to make is that any LinkedIn user can read the articles on Channels without being a Follower. So now you know.


LinkedIn Consulting

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That’s all from me for this week, thanks for reading and for sharing. Don’t be shy – please add your opinion, experience and thoughts via comments below. I read and respond to all of them.

By Andy Foote