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18 Enormously Useful LinkedIn Hacks (2017)

Got LinkedIn hacks? I wanted to know how resourceful folks are making the most of LinkedIn and bending the rules these days so I asked them via a recent LinkedIn update and here are some of the hacks they kindly shared. I’ve included some of my fave hacks too. Sharing...
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Congratulations! Your LinkedIn SUMMARY is now a HEADLINE (and it looks like dog shit).

That's just awesome. LinkedIn decided to overhaul everything about the old desktop user interface including your summary, which has now become a 2nd headline. You're gonna need a bigger boat....because your summary has jumped the shark. Am I being melodramatic? I...
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LinkedIn PROFINDER Hack #1

A friend of mine recently said: “Hey Andy, Bro you need to get on LinkedIn Profinder quick!” Me: “Why?” “Bro” Friend: “Dude, I get about 5 prospects a day looking to hire me to help with their LinkedIn Profile or Resume” Me: “Really? I’ll check it out - thanks” So I...
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3 Stunningly Good LinkedIn FAKE Profiles

  Are fake profiles on LinkedIn becoming a thing? Is it just me or are there more faux profiles on LinkedIn than ever before? In the last week, of the 17 connection requests I’ve received, 2 have been fake, from people trying to be something they’re not. How many...
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MAXIMUM LinkedIn Character Counts 2015 Edition (InfoGraphic)

  InfoGraphic design by the exceptionally talented Milos Djurkovic - thanks my friend. LINKEDIN CONSULTING If you liked this article, you’ll love my LinkedIn coaching. If you need help with your Summary, Profile or LinkedIn strategy, I can help. Contact me...
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5 Astonishingly Clever LinkedIn Hacks.

  [Update Sept. 2017] Most of these hacks no longer work 🙂 But - I just compiled a longer list (18 hacks!!!) which ALL WORK, that post has been shared by over 1000 people in 2 weeks, read it here: 18 Enormously Useful LinkedIn Hacks (2017) This blog has always...
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A Stunningly Good LinkedIn Introduction

I used to think that LinkedIn introductions were redundant and unnecessary. Why bother someone else when you could easily find a way to contact the person directly? Why did I need a middle man? Yesterday I received an introduction request which completely changed that...
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The biggest lie on LinkedIn is that you're not supposed to connect with people you don't know.   "We recommend that you only send invitations to people you know well and trust." LinkedIn Help Center, 4/17/2013.   LinkedIn's business model feeds on discovery...
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Recruiters have one simple aim: to reject you. Think about it. They have a sea of candidates to choose from and limited time in which to do it. Finding the best candidate boils down to 2 processes: search then reject. They want a strong shortlist and though the basic...
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Measure Your LinkedIn ROI With Views Not Searches

Many of my clients ask me "How much time should I invest in LinkedIn?". Some ask about ROI (Return On Investment). What do they gain? How does it affect their bottom line? What are the outcomes? Great questions and frankly - something we should all be asking ourselves...
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